As a nursing student, I constantly have my nose in a book about anatomy and physiology, holistic health care, the legal aspects of health care, or infectious diseases. Struggling with the fact that my oldest friend, the “big brother” God blessed me with now has cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma) gives me an extra incentive to learn all that I can about serving those that seek care, and makes me newly passionate about oncology.

I was inspired to pursue nursing because of my experience in a Hospice house in Edina, Minnesota. Within seven weeks, I had watched four of my loved ones end their lives on this beautiful planet under the excellent care of holistic hospice nurses, and I was hypnotized by the acceptance that not all medicine is about fixing people. Sometimes it’s about letting them go. I still believe in hospice, I believe that holistic health care is about doing the greatest good for the patient, and if that means helping them to be comfortable in their last days, then that is what the nurse should do. 

Today, my ideas about nursing have been suddenly shaken. I am still a supporter of hospice. But I realize that hospice was only a window into the holistic nursing process that I would fall so madly in love with. For I am truly in love with my life, and am charmed every day by the fantastic things that happen in other people’s lives. I want to help people fight the diseases that the world inflicts on their bodies. I want to guide healthy people toward a sustainably healthy future. I want to learn. I want to learn all that there is to learn about why our bodies do not protect us from disease, why good people get sick, and how spiritual practice impacts the healing process. This is why I’m in nursing school. Thank you, big brother, for the reminder that I am a part of the new face of health care, and I chose this career path so that I can change lives positively every day. 

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April 15, 2014 · 4:46 pm

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  1. Katie

    misty here…. Katie

  2. Grandma Barbara

    Our little girl is truly learning about life.

  3. I am so so glad I found your blog. This post brought tears to my eyes. I’m a fourth year medical student and on the journey to becoming an oncologist. I will pray for your brother! While I don’t have a family member with cancer, I worked with an oncologist as a first year med student and found I came in hours early and left hours late- because to me, those patients mattered. I worked twenty days in a row taking care of these patients (although I new very little at the time). They mattered more than any patients I';d ever had before. From that moment, I knew God placed me on Earth to become and oncologist and work my booty off in medical school, residency and fellowship to get there. Every time I get frustrated with a hard class, long lecture or whatever else med school throws at me, I think back to some of these patients. I’m still in contact with 2 of these patients, and they’ve taught me hope and perseverance. Stories like this inspire me. You and your brother inspire me.

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